This book is written from the perspective of a child going through the experience of a brain tumor diagnosis, treatment, and hospital stays. The story is about Isabella, a lovely young girl, who is hopeful and full of courage while battling “a weed in her head.”

A Weed In My Head shares a perspective that describes the journey in a thoughtful and realistic manner. The story is told in a positive and hope-filled way.

The proceeds from A Weed In My Head will benefit the Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation and the proceeds will be targeted for pediatric brain tumor research! This book will soon be released and will be made available through the Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation.

Join the Impavido Family, the Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation Board of Directors, Advisors, and the families in fighting childhood brain tumors.
This is a battle we must win and we can do it together!!!

Author: Emma Impavido
Illustrator: Marie Isabelle Callier

Contact CBTF for more information:
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On Sunday, March 10, 2013 as a part of Good Deeds Day, a special event, Walkin’ with Gabriella, was organized by Joe Arnstein to honor a very courageous young lady, Gabriella. Special thanks to Gabriella, her family, Joe Arnstein, the Sha’are Shalom Congregation, volunteers,
and community. The inaugural event was a tremendous success, raising over $11,000. The event included an auction
with gifts from local businesses. It was a gloriously beautiful day!

The Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation will benefit when you order BIGDOGS merchandise, if you visit through the CBTF site!

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Firstgiving is for team building for CBTF events or to raise funds in honor or memory of someone special. An easy way to e-mail your friends your personal appeal to support children with brain tumors.

Give to CBTF, an all-volunteer organization, through the Combined Federal Campaign and Children's Medical Research Charities of America

The Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation's designated numbers:

12035- for the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), the Federation is Children's Medical and Research Charities of America

9165 - for the Maryland Charities Campaign (MCC)

The Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation is a volunteer-run organization driven to help educate families whose children have been diagnosed with brain tumors. Our mission is to provide grant funding for researchers to further the cause to find a cure.


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