Give Online Ticket Purchase

Administrator Sunday, 19 February 2012 18:06

Instructions for online ticket purchase and registration for the Gala and Casino Night

1) Click on the “Give” button to open Give Online in a new window.

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2) Complete Section 1 with your contact information

3) In Section 2 enter the total dollar amount for the total number of tickets in Give Amount

Price per ticket per person is as follows:

give online example gift

  • Regular ticket: $100 each
  • Patron ticket: $140 each
  • Sponsor ticket: $250each

For example, if purchasing four regular tickets (4 X $100), enter $400.

If purchasing one patron ticket and one regular ticket ($100 + $140), enter $240, and so forth.

4) Select “This is a one time donation”.

If desired, you can specify whether your donation is in honor of someone or in memory of someone by checking the appropriate box.

5) In the drop-down box under “Program Area”, select “Event Donation”

6) In the “Comments” box, enter the following information:

"15th Anniversary Gala and Casino Night ticket purchase"
The name and address of each person receiving a ticket, and what type of ticket (regular, patron, or sponsor)

7) Complete you payment information in Section 3

8) Click SUBMIT

9) Tell everyone you know to purchase their tickets.

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